Sebastian Weszler

Sebastian Weszler

Not a typical computer guy...

Working with passion,
Pursuing goals,
Enjoying the journey of life ...

Although Sebastian Weszler majored in Industrial Electronics, he didn’t settle for a normal life. Captivated by the limitless possibilities of web applications, a love of bicycles, and the desire to have his own business he set out on a remarkable journey. He opened and enjoyed running a successful online bicycle store. However, he just couldn’t let everyone else have all the fun with all the amazing innovations in software and cool business tech. So, he closed down the bicycle store and became a full-stack developer.


  • - Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • - Python Frameworks: Django
  • - JS Frameworks/Libs: VueJS, React, jQuery
  • - PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony
  • - Node.js, npm
  • - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • - Git
  • - Linux CLI
  • - Selenium Webdriver


Sebastian has worked successfully with Prestashop for the past 4 years, but doesn’t want to be limited by any program or platform. The world keeps changing and Sebastian loves the thrill of learning new skills and adapting to the latest breakthroughs.

As new trends and solutions are continuously evolving he’s not staying put, but is seizing the opportunities presented by Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and emerging trends in data science. Apart from new technologies, software, and all the standard geeky stuff, he is interested in project management, business, and the thrill of the stock market.

Leisure and Volunteering...

When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he still likes riding a bicycle, playing futsal, snowboarding, wakeboarding and many other activities—with a touch of the extreme. Sebastian was born and raised in Poland, where he and his friends established a non-profit organization--P.A.R.K. As a result of their hard work, a new skatepark and BMX Racing Track were built for the community to enjoy.

Always wanting to see more of the world, broaden his horizons and experience other cultures, he moved halfway around the world--to Malaysia. He enjoys the creative stimulation of working with multiple coding languages, while surrounded by the vibrant diversity of exploring and traveling across Asia.

Recent work...

Comfort Works

Prestashop Theme

Concrete5 Theme


Front-end/back-end modules


Affiliate Marketing Program


Payment Gateway